My name is Gabe and today I am going to start a new feature called “Video of the Day” (or VOTD for short).  

Every day I try to improve my mind via videos (primarily on YouTube) and starting today I’m going to let you know what my favorite video of the day is!

We are going to start off with a YouTube video that is hilariously enough audio only by one of my favorite mentors Tony Robbins (NOTE: fair warning, a LOT of my VOTDs will be from TR).

Today is a great clip about Goal Setting, something that most people (myself included) overcomplicate and abuse.  He gives a background on his goal setting history in the beginning and then some really actionable tips near the end.

You can listen/watch below!

After you enjoy the video, comment below and let me know any good videos YOU’VE watched/listened to recently.

– Gabe