Today I will be going over to create what I call the Ultimate Facebook Funnel.

This funnel concept works for almost all types of businesses and is based on my 5 Steps to 10X your ROI in 90 Days or less system (you can view the full system breakdown here).

The goal of this Ultimate Facebook Funnel is to convert cold leads who have never heard of your business before to warm leads scheduling an appointment, consultation, sales call, etc.

The process itself is simple in concept.

Create an irresistible offer with scarcity plus a fast action bonus that pays for its own ad spend (so worst case you break even on the campaign).

I will break down exactly what this means in today’s training.

Let’s get to it!

Step 1: Set up a “Personal” Business Facebook Fanpage

The first step of launching a Facebook Ad campaign is actually the easiest step of all (but most people overcomplicate it).

Also for those of you worrying about budget, you can run a ROI positive Facebook Ad campaign with only $1 to $5 a day ad spend.

To create a Facebook Ad you need a Facebook Fanpage and credit card in your ad manager account.

Let’s cover creating the Facebook Fanpage first.

To create your Fanpage, CLICK HERE and follow the steps.

What category you chose for your Facebook Fanpage doesn’t really matter.

HACK ALERT: I’ve found through recent testing that a “personal” themed fanpage has a higher CTR (click through rate) and higher CR (conversion rate) then a “business” themed fanpage.

The reason people respond better to a fanpage that looks like a person is Facebook users have become desensitized to “business” ads (to the point they actively ignore business themed pages).

To capitalize on this info, instead of putting your business logo as the Fanpage logo image, put a headshot of a company executive. If possible, put a headshot of the person they are most likely to see on their first visit/meeting with your company.

Follow the same train of thought with the “Title” of your fanpage. Instead of calling it Joe Smith Professional Title, just name the Fanpage “Joe Smith”.

The goal is to make the Fanpage look as similar to a personal profile as possible when someone is scrolling through Facebook and sees your ad.

If you already have a “business” Fanpage, I would advise creating a second “personal” fanpage just for running ads.

After you create your new Fanpage, it’s time to move onto….

Step 2: Create a Facebook Ad

To create a Facebook ad, you need to go to your Ads Manager which you can access by searching for “ads manager” in your Facebook search bar OR by clicking here.

I’m not going to walk you through HOW to create your ad because Facebook has great tutorials on that.

Instead I’m going to walk you through the STRATEGY behind your ad.

Anyone can create a Facebook ad but very few can create a Facebook ad that generates a positive ROI.

Before I give you an actual ad I ran for a chiropractic client, I want you to get into the mindset of a person browsing Facebook.

They are not actively looking to buy something. They are not looking to be sold. They want to see cute videos of kittens and puppies.

To “interrupt” their browsing, we need an extremely simple and powerful offer that does not require a lot of time for them to take advantage of.

KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) is a great line to remember here.

The concept is Irresistible Offer Ad > simple 2 step offer landing page > fast action bonus to schedule immediately > followup email sequence.

We will go over each step in detail below but first here is an example of an actual ad.

Hey Garden Grove! This is Dr Smith from Best Garden Grove Chiro and I am doing something CRAZY to promote my Chiropractic Clinic!

I’m giving away 20 discount vouchers for a first visit, adjustment and Doctor’s report of findings for only $21!

That’s right! You get your first visit, adjustment, and report of findings for ONLY $21!

There is no excuse not to get your pain under control! Hurry because I am only giving away 20 of these vouchers!

Website URL:

Click Here to Get Your Voucher for a First Visit, Adjustment and Doctor’s Report for Only $21!

Display Link (primary must match website url):

News Feed Link Description:
Click Here to Get Your Voucher! Offer Expires Soon!

Call to Action:
Get Offer

As you can see above, I am running a “irresistible offer” (from my 5 Steps to 10X Your ROI in 90 Days or Less training) to my targeted audience on Facebook.

This offer converts EXTREMELY well.

I run this ad concept for everything from law firms to mortgage brokers to pizzerias.

Feel free to tweak it for your individual business needs.

Now that you understand the ad, let’s move onto…

Step 3: Create a Landing Page

After your ad, the next thing you need is a landing page.

Your landing page is where a person ends up after they click on your ad.

Your landing page should be EXTREMELY simple (again, you want them to be able to complete the desired action (provide their name, email and if necessary phone number) to get access to the irresistible offer you promised them in the ad.

Your landing page should be if possible a two step landing page.

This means that your opt-in form is NOT instantly visible when they “land” on the landing page.

They have to click a button and then the opt-in form appears.

The reason for this is we have seen a 2 step opt in page increase conversions by as much as 70%.

 After the lead fills out and submits the form, they are redirect to….

Step 4: Creating a Thank You Page

Your Thank You page is easily the most important part of your “irresistible offer” funnel.


Because here you have a great opportunity to do many different things.

You get to pre-sell your product or service, add to your brand authority and best of all get the prospect to take action RIGHT NOW!

How do you do that?

By creating a unadvertised “fast action” bonus.

The goal of this fast action bonus to give the prospect an additional “bonus” on top of the irresistible offer advertised in the Facebook ad if they TAKE ACTION RIGHT NOW!

That action usually is either call to book, call to schedule, purchase a product or service online or physically come to your business the same day.

Continuing our example of chiropractors, a great fast action bonus is a free 15 minute massage if they call to schedule their appointment right now.

The reason for this is a large portion of the people who “opt in” for your irresistible offer will never take advantage of it.

This means that you can increase your show up rate (or purchase rate) by 40 to 70% simply by offer a fast action bonus on your thank you page.

Some more simple fast action bonuses can be access to more valuable information for free that you normally charge for or an additional discount coupon.

If you need help brainstorming this, CLICK HERE to see if you qualify to have a free consultation with me.

After the fast action bonus, the next goal of a thank you page should be to reinforce the information and value of the original irresistible offer.

Put some positive testimonials on the page and some text talking about what a good decision they are making and how much value they are getting.

Make sure that the next step (of scheduling or purchasing) is extremely visible and clear.

Step 5: Creating the Ultimate Follow Up sequence

One of the most powerful reasons to get someone’s email is so you can put them in a automated follow up sequence.

This follow-up sequence of emails is your chance to convert anyone who did not take advantage of your fast action bonus.

Again, this is a chance for you to pre-sell your product or service, add to your brand authority and best of all get the prospect to take action RIGHT NOW!

I explain how to create the ultimate follow-up sequence in a specific training which you can experience by CLICKING HERE.

HACK ALERT: An extremely powerful add-on to your followup sequence is to add Retargeting (or Remarketing).  This means you can show specific ads to anyone who visits your landing page and thank you page. 

Imagine how powerful it would be if your prospect looks at your landing page, does not take advantage of your irresistible offer BUT 5 minutes later sees a ad for your irresistible offer again on CNN? 

Do you think that will catch some people who would not convert?  You bet it would!

Another scenario is if someone submits their information BUT does not take you up on your fast action bonus.  Imagine how powerful it would be if this person is followed around the web by ads reminding them of the fast action bonus?

Do you think this would increase your ROI?  Absolutely!

I have an entire training about retargeting which you can experience by CLICKING HERE!

The End

As I said at the beginning of this training, running a positive ROI Facebook ad funnel is not complicated.

The primary points you need to include are a irresistible offer ad, a 2 step simple landing page, a fast action bonus thank you page and a multi-step follow up sequence.

Hit these points and you can easily add 2 to 5 new leads a week with just a $5 a day ad spend.

If you need help brainstorming this, CLICK HERE to see if you qualify to have a free consultation with me.

I hope you enjoyed this training and I can’t wait to see the impact you have on your community!

– Gabe

Gabriel Bryan
New Revenue Consultant