What’s in it for me?

One powerful testimonial can easily be worth more than even the best advertising campaign.

Today I will show you EXACTLY how to capture a powerful testimonial from ANYONE quickly and easily in just a few simple steps.


Testimonials and reviews (there is a difference) can literally be the difference between a six figure revenue stream and a seven figure revenue stream.

Multi-million dollar companies like Yelp and Angies List are built JUST around capturing and promoting reviews.

Even worse, most companies have no idea how to capture reviews and testimonials in a way that is revenue positive.

Today I will be going over the strategy you should be using as well as questions that will help get the best testimonial and reviews possible.

Part 1: Testimonial and Review Strategy

Your primary goal should always be to delivery the best product and/or service possible.

Amazing customer service is one of the key building blocks to testimonials and reviews.

However, even with amazing customer service most people will never leave you so much as a single word of feedback.


Because most people do not like to leave reviews.

Most reviewers only bother when the feedback is negative or it allows them to “soapbox”.

To get around this, you need to incentivize people to leave you video testimonials or worst case written reviews.

The most common strategy is to do a random drawing for a large prize every month for people who leave a testimonial or review.

You cannot LEGALLY incentivize reviews.

HOWEVER, you can ethically bribe people to give you “feedback” in exchange for one contest entry for every testimonial/review.

Unless you get hundreds of a reviews a month, the odds of winning are usually extremely high and you are guaranteed to give away the prize to someone who has proven they are willing to leave a review or testimonial. This means any prize is money well spent and your audience is rewarded.

I have some clients who give away $100 gas cards monthly in these “reviewers only” contests and the ROI is HUGE!

The second part of your strategy should be to think in terms of video first, then audio, then text.

This means you should always try to get them to leave you a video review first and foremost.

If they do not want to get on video, record a audio of them talking.

If they don’t want to do that, then have them write up a review.

You can also work backwards from a video testimonial aka you can create a audio file from a video and transcribe the audio to create a text testimonial.

You technically CAN work forward from a text testimonial by using paid actors BUT only if you get the person to sign a waiver. This can get complicated quickly so I prefer to always go for video testimonials and work backwards.

Now that you know your strategy (contest entry in exchange for video testimonial) let’s get into…..

Part 2: Recording a Video Testimonial

Below are my top tips to successfully record a video testimonial on location at your office, storefront, etc.
1) Make sure the person giving the testimonial is wearing solid, dark or neutral colors (stay away from red and stripes)

2) Choose a quiet location with some depth and realism to the background (think bookcase, plant, etc). AVOID anything moving in the background.

3) Place the camera in a position where it records the person from about the waist up. You can always zoom in during editing.

4) Ideally you should have the person giving the testimonial sitting (as standing people tend to move their hands or bodies a lot which can distract from what they are saying). If they have to stand make sure to have them keep their hands out of their pockets and arms unfolded. Ideally they should be sitting with their hands resting on their knee or legs.

5) You want the person giving the testimonial to NOT be looking at the camera. You want them looking about 15-20 degrees to the LEFT or RIGHT of where the camera is positioned. This makes the person giving the testimonial less nervous and the audience will be more comfortable watching the full testimonial (most people do NOT like looking directly into someones eyes for some reason).

6) Brief the person giving the testimonial that you will NOT be using all of the video, just parts of it so they can relax and just speak. You will be editing out any mistakes or bad parts later.

7) Make sure that every light possible is turned on. You can NEVER have enough light.

8) Make sure that the person who is interviewing is smiling and laughs whenever possible. You want the person giving the testimonial to be engaged by a smiling, laughing person because that will naturally make them appear happier in the testimonial (testimonials from people who appear sad obviously don’t convert as well)

9) Last, never have the person they are giving the testimonial about be in the room while they are giving the testimonial. You will get much more natural responses (and usually higher quality responses) from people who do not think they are being overheard by the person they are talking about. It’s best to have an assistant or secretary handle asking the questions.

Part 3: Questions to get the best Testimonial Possible

Below are some good starting questions to get the best testimonial possible. These obviously won’t work in every situation but you can tweak them to make them work.
1) Give me a one-minute history of what happened in your life to make you seek out a (Your company niche). Get them relaxed and comfortable. Everyone loves talking about themselves.

2) What stopped you/prevented you from seeking help/service/product/etc before?

3) Where did you start your search for the solution to the need or problem?

4) What did you learn during the process of your search?

5) What about our product/service or company stood out to you among the competition?

6) What made you feel at ease about choosing to work with or purchase from our company?

7) What three features/things sold you on our product/service?

8) Was price more important that delivery/service/quality/etc? (This question gets to the value of the products/services you provide.)

9) Tell me what your experience has been with our products/services? (Ask for the customer’s experience and wisdom.)

10) Tell me what your experience has been with our staff/office?

11) What exceeded your expectations about our product, service, or company?

12) How much money did you save by purchasing our product or service?

13) How much time did you save by working with our company?

14) How much new business were you able to do by working with our company?

15) What surprised you or made you the most happy about the product or service?

16) Can you think of a word or phrase that best describes your relationship with us? Why that particular word or phrase?

17) How has working with us changed changed your life?

18) If someone suggest you go to another *niche company* in town, what would you say?

19) Why would you recommend us to someone else? (This is the key part of the testimonial.)

20) If someone called you and said “Why should I to to XYZ company”, what would you tell them?

21) Is there anything else you would like to add?

A more shortened version of this list is below….
Question 1) What was it like before you started working with COMPANY?

Question 2) What problem (or problems) were you trying to solve?

Question 3) Where did you start your search? How did you find COMPANY?

Question 4) What made COMPANY stand out from the competition?

Question 5) What obstacles prevented you from purchasing PRODUCT/SERVICE before?

Question 6) What features or information sold you on moving forward with COMPANY?

Question 7) What have you been able to achieve since working with COMPANY?

Question 8) Why would you recommend COMPANY?

ALWAYS script out your testimonial questions in advance before the “shoot”.

This will assure you don’t waste your time or theirs.

The End / Recap

The above information and a new mobile phone should be more than enough to capture high quality testimonials.

Just keep things light and fun and always remember you are going to throw away about 90% of the testimonial anyway so the key is to get through any “bad” parts to find that one bit of gold.

If you are not getting the response you want, try rephrasing your question and asking it again.

Sometimes I’ve found you have to ask a nervous testimonial giver the same question 5+ times to get the response you are looking for.

It’s worth the effort because I have personally seen that one testimonial can be worth one million dollars or more over the life of a product or service.

If you want me to personally design a testimonial strategy for your company that will 10X your revenue, CLICK HERE to see if you qualify to partner with me.

I can’t wait to see the impact your company has on our communities!

– Gabe

Gabriel Bryan
New Revenue Consultant