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Today we are going to be talking about (in my opinion) the most underutilized and misunderstood paid marketing method available currently.

Remarketing (or Retargeting) is the advertising method of showing specific ads ONLY to people who visit your website, social media or app.

By showing them this ad, they have the ability to click the ad and go immediately back to your website and complete whatever the desired action is (buy something, schedule an appointment, etc).

In sales, the average is three to nine “touches” before a lead buys. This means the lead must see, interact with or use some form of branded material a MINIMUM of three times before buying.

Remarketing ads automatically do these follow up “touches” for you.

It’s not uncommon for a company to get a 600% to 800% ROI from remarketing ads.

With a normal paid ad, you are forced to pick categories of people who MIGHT be interested in your product or service. There will always be “waste” with even the most targeted ad campaign.

When you use a remarketing campaign, you are paying for ads ONLY to people who have previously shown interest in your business, product or service.

If you are currently running paid promotions of ANY kind, remarketing is a GREAT compliment!

Even offline ads (from billboards to TV ads to flyers) can have a 100% to 150% ROI increase simply by adding a remarketing campaign.


Because once someone visits your website, you can “pixel” that person and show advertisements to them technically forever.

It’s also a great way to market to prospects who might not fall under normal lead categories offer by Google, Facebook, etc.

Example: Let’s say you want to do a hyperlocal advertising campaign to a specific neighborhood. Google is getting better but you still have a lot of “waste” aka you will pay for people to see your ad who will never convert. In this situation, I would pass out flyers, post banners, roadside signs, etc in and around my target neighborhood with a URL and a irresistible offer. The goal would be to get as many people as possible from the target neighborhood to visit my URL. As soon as they visit my website, they are “captured” by my remarketing pixel and I can now show ONLY these individuals extremely specific ads.

How much more money would you be willing to invest in advertising if you knew you would ONLY pay if/when the exact target prospect interacted with said ad?

I would personally throw ever penny I had at it!

You do not need to have a huge audience for this to work either. You can technically even run remarketing campaigns to only one person (if you want to be really creepy).

There are plenty of examples of people pranking friends or family members with retargeting.

These individuals create a extremely obscure URL on a website, get their friend to visit said URL and boom, they can now show ads to ONLY people who visit that URL aka their one friend.

The prankster then creates an ad using information advertising companies shouldn’t know.

Something like “Hi Jason I know you used your pink blanket last night, here are even more pink blankets because you like to sleep on your right shoulder…etc etc”.

Hilarity ensues, victim burns computer and moves to a cabin in the woods, etc.

It’s great fun for us advertising nerds but obviously not as amusing to the general public.

With Facebook and Google cracking down on ad platform tracking ability, ad “waste” is increasing and remarketing ads are becoming even more necessary.

You should NEVER spend a DIME on any type of advertising without a remarketing campaign setup for all of your websites, social media and apps.

Today I am NOT going to show you how to setup your ad accounts and remarketing pixels in this training. There are extremely good training articles and videos by the advertising platforms already easily accessible.

Also, the setup part is easy. Anyone can do that.

What I am going to teach you today is how to CREATE the ultimate remarketing ad campaign system.

Using the strategies I’m about to go over routinely gets my clients 1000% ROI on their campaigns.

So without further ado, let’s jump into it!

How to Create The Ultimate Remarketing Campaign

With remarketing ads, you have the unique opportunity to get your message in front of interested prospect mere minutes after they left (our “bounced” from) your website.

Most businesses who rush into remarketing simply reuse their “cold” ads and link them right back to the product page.

This does work and will generate a positive ROI but if you want to 10X this process you need to make your remarketing campaigns unique to your traditional advertising.

Imagine how powerful it would be if you are looking at a shoe online, you leave the page without buying and then see a ad on another website that says…..

…“Hey I saw Your Didn’t Buy The Red X10 Sneakers. Here is a secret link to get 10% off”……

… then link these people to a unique sales page and they get 10% off.

This is using the “irresistible offer” concept that I teach as part of my 5 Step System to 10X Your ROI in 90 Days or less”.

The same concept can be used for services.

Imagine how powerful it would be if someone was looking at a chiropractor who specializes in car accidents, left the website without scheduling a appointment and minutes later sees a ad from that same chiropractor saying “Hey I saw your didn’t schedule a appointment with me. I know I can help you with your car accident injury. If you click here now I will give you a secret 15% off coupon for your first appointment.”

This tactic converts like crazy.

What I want you to take away from this is that remarketing campaigns should use a unique message.


The only people seeing your remarketing ad have already seen your initial offer. They understand the basic details and the only reason they didn’t buy is because of a objection they still have.

It’s time to start “looping” our message until we discover what that objective is.

NOTE: This next part is a quick glimpse into a small part of the sales psychology I use in my 5 Steps to 10X Your Revenue in 90 Days or Less system. If you want to learn more about you can check out my sales training here INSERT LINK.

Looping is essentially the process of addressing every possible objection the prospect might have one at a time.

Some big objections are always trust (can you actually help me) and price (is this a good deal).

So the first remarketing ads I would create would have reviews on them.

Hey I saw that you didn’t schedule an appointment with Dr X. Here is a review from a recent patient: “I was nervous about coming in for my first appointment but Dr X’s staff was so warm and friendly, I just loved my experience and I now look 10 years younger!”. If you want results like Stacy click here to schedule your appointment.

This is just a quick rough draft of course but hopefully you get the idea.

After trust, the next objection usually is price aka am I getting a good deal.

I would create a ad that highlights the affordability of your product or service.

Hey I saw that you didn’t schedule your appointment with Dr X. Our clinic has been rated the most affordable clinic in the LA area for 3 years running! We also have multiple payment plans available. Click here to learn more about how we save you money!

….and then link them to a page explaining the extreme value of your product or service (and any available payment plans).

The third objection is usually regarding talking to a spouse or partner. You can deal with this one with either a scarcity pitch or “its the right thing to do” pitch.

…”Hey I saw that you didn’t schedule an appointment with Dr X. He only has a few more appointments available for this month, click here to book now. Your spouse will LOVE how much happier you are after your first appointment!”

…and then link them to a page with pictures of happy couples living life to the fullest and a countdown timer.

Now you usually don’t know exactly what each person’s specific objection is aka why they didn’t buy or schedule.

So to combat this, que up as many “objection” ads as you can think of in your remarketing campaign and each advertising platform will run through the entire collection of ads.

This means that a prospect may see ad 1 on the first site they visit after leaving your website, then they’ll jump over to check Facebook and see ad 2, then go to Twitter and see ad 3, then go check the sports scores and see ad 4.

Once it rotates through all available ads, your campaign will start over. “Frequency” is a term applied to paid advertising to describe how many times a single person has seen a specific ad copy. Watch your frequency carefully and optimize for best results.

You can also optimize for CTR (“click through rate” or which ad gets the most clicks) and have your advertising platform show the most popular ads first.

This is great because if you are running “looping” remarketing ads, the most clicked ads is usually the most common objection. This means you will address their objection and get them back to your site quicker and won’t have to show them multiple ads.

The End

Again, remarketing on its own with unique, objective based ads is extremely effective.

If you think outside the box like I was showing above, 1000% ROI’s is not uncommon with remarketing.

If you want to partner with me to 10X your ROI using remarketing ads, you can do so by clicking this link INSERT LINK.

I hope you enjoyed this training!

– Gabe

Gabriel Bryan
New Revenue Consultant