What’s in it for me?

In today’s “hacker” society, protecting your personal information is vital.

Today I will go over how to rent private addresses for both personal and business use so that you can grow to your greatest potential without worrying about security or privacy.


Private mailboxes are vital for both both personal and business use.

Did you know that when you order anything online, there is a 99% likelihood that information will end up in a publicly accessible database?

Businesses like Amazon allow 3rd party sellers to use their platform, which means that random individuals working out of their garages have access to your personal address and phone number.

This is why I advise you create a LLC for everything from vehicles to houses to protect yourself (you can read my $175 LLC creation guide by CLICKING HERE).

Even with a LLC, you still need a publically available address.

That is where a private mailbox comes in.

I usually advise having one “common use” address and one “private” address.

For common use, I recommend having a USPS P.O. box. For your private address its more complicated and requires some detailed digging.

I’ll go over both options below.

Part 1: USPS P.O. Box

First step is to create a common use address.

For this, I always recommend having a UPSP P.O. Box.

You can usually rent a P.O box for 3, 6 or 12 months.

However, the pricing can change by as much to $5 to $25 per month depending on the location.

To make sure you are getting the best value, check out the PO box locator tool by CLICKING HERE.

Put in your ZIP code and check all of your local USPS locations to identify the best value.

After you find the location you want, get multiple forms of ID and head down to the location to signup and get your key.

Part 2: Private Mailbox

After we find and sign up for a USPS P.O. box, the next step is to secure a private mailbox.

This is usually more complicated than a P.O. Box because it varies depending on your area.

To get started, simply go to Google and search for “mailbox rental CITY”.

Example: “mailbox rental los angeles”

Some other good searches are “rent mailbox CITY”, “private mailbox rental CITY”, “virtual address CITY”, “virtual mailbox CITY” and “mail forwarding CITY”.

One of the first options you will see is a UPS mailbox. Do NOT use UPS.

Why? Because everyone uses UPS (and they are relatively expensive as well).

When it comes to a private mailbox, you do NOT want to go with the most popular option. This is extremely important if you are using this private mailbox for a business as the most popular locations are “used and abused” by other businesses. This means you will not be able to use it as a address on Google Maps, Yelp, etc.

If possible, you want this private mailbox to also have mail forwarding available in case you need to travel.

A option that usually does NOT advertise their mailboxes are storage units. You will usually have to call them on the phone or dig through their websites to find locations that offer this.

There are also extremely premium private mailbox services that do NOT advertise.

These premium locations are for celebrities, CEOs and people who need to keep a low profile.

You can get access to these locations only by referral.

For now, you can find good private mailbox options with careful research.

The End / Recap

To make sure you can protect your privacy, I advise getting two mailboxes. One from your local USPS, the other from a private mailbox company.

To setup both should only cost you around $200 for the year (location dependent of course).

If you are more nomadic and travel a lot, keep a eye out for my training coming out on mail forwarding and best states to setup your “domicile”.

For now, go get your private addresses setup and protect your privacy.

I can’t wait to see your impact on our communities!

– Gabe