What’s in it for me?

In today’s training we will be going over the MINIMAL amount of effort needed to get the MAXIMUM impact from Social Media Branding.

Many “experts” say your message and brand needs to be on every single platform which simply isn’t true. You can get a far greater impact by concentrating on a few specific platforms and putting out the right content.

I will show you exactly how to 10X your impact on social media while working less below.


Social media is a scary thing. We are told on one hand it’s invading our lives while on the other hand we need it or we’ll become “irrelevant”.

Unfortunately, both of these beliefs are true for both both people AND businesses.

In today’s training, I am going to discuss a social media branding strategy directed to businesses but can be applied increasing your own social reach as well.

I see most social media strategies land on either end of the spectrum. Businesses tend to either not post at all or post too much with no real plan.

As a brand ambassador for your business, your goal should be to get the maximum impact with the minimal amount of work.

The key is to use social media as a tool to accomplish your goals, not get sucked into the hamster wheel that is cute kitten and puppy videos.

We are here for one thing and one thing only, more revenue!

Let’s get to it.

Part 1: Which social media communities should I engage with?

With over 100+ social media communities online, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out which platforms you should be posting on.

The truth is you can reach over 90% of your audience by concentrating on just four platforms.

These platforms are:


These four are considered “social media” and only require a single image OR one or two sentences to post on.

I HIGHLY suggest posting at least three times per week on each platform and engaging with your audience as much as possible. Engaging means commenting on their posts, sharing local influencers, etc.

Once you get a steady presence going on these four social media communities, its time to learn….

Part 2: Which websites should I post my content to?

When you create content (images or text), you should be posting it to as many websites as possible beyond your business domain.

The advertising community refers to these type of sites as “blogging” sites.

Again, there are well over 100+ different sites you can post on but for the highest ROI I would suggest concentrating on these four sites:


By far the most popular of these four is Medium. In fact, many content creators are using Medium blogs as their primary communication method. However, I would caution you to NEVER use a 3rd party platform as your primary site simply because they could shut down at any time.

I would always advise having a website where all other sites (social media, blogging, etc) link back to.

How should you post content to these blog sites? Simple, just repost content from your primary site (copy and paste) and then link back to the original content on your site.

This not only spreads awareness of your content, but also creates extremely powerful links for SEO purposes.

Part 3: Which websites should I post my videos to?

When it comes to video there are far less sites to consider. Although Vimeo is sometimes worth the effort, at this point in time you need only concentrate your efforts on the video king that is YouTube.

Similar to your social media strategy outlined above, I would try to post two to three times per week to your YouTube channel.

Even short “selfie” style videos giving updates about your product/services OR responses to latest breaking news can dramatically increase your reach.

Do not worry about being “professional” in your videos, just get them done. I have seen through recent testing that raw, personal videos convert much better than high budget green screen style productions.

Part 4: Is there a way to speed up management of these accounts?

Yes there is!

Over the years many different types of services have attempted to create a “portal” where you can post to and access all of your social media, blogging and video accounts.

Although most failed (and none are perfect), there are two popular tools that I advise my clients to use.

These two tools are Buffer and Hootsuite.

There are pros and cons to both (and will get their own reviews in the future) so I advise you simply take advantage of each respective trail offers to test. In my opinion, Buffer is simple and clean with minimal features while Hootsuite has many options to choose from but takes more time to learn.

The alternative to managing these accounts yourself is to have a dedicated social media management team member (or sometimes multiple team members).

When you have a social media team, you can get back to what you are good at aka creating content while your team handles the promotion side of the equation.

I advise all my clients to either setup a dedicated team member, team or outsource.

It can take time to build this team properly. I have spent years cultivating and training my social media team so I can provide my clients with the fastest ROI possible. If you would like to learn more about taking advantage of my team’s social media, blogging and video skills CLICK HERE.

The END / Recap

Today you learned which social media, blogging and video accounts your company should be using.

Your goal should be to maximize impact with minimal effort so you can 10X your ROI.

My team and I concentrate on one thing and one thing only, new revenue. Does it make you more money? If not, ignore it.

Concentrate on just these sites and I guarantee you will see a jump in revenue.

If you would like to learn more about partnering with me to increase YOUR revenue, you can see if you qualify to work with me by CLICKING HERE.

I can’t wait to see the impact your business makes on our communities!

– Gabe

Gabriel Bryan
New Revenue Consultant