What’s in it for me?

Hosting a local even at your office or nearby location can extremely beneficial for your business both in terms of branding and new revenue.

In the below training, I am going to show you EXACTLY how to setup your local event for success.

Let’s get to it!


In today’s digital age, events in the real world are losing their appeal to most business owners.

Nobody will come, it will cost too much, traffic is too bad, we don’t have the space, bla bla bla…..

All of those objections CAN be true but ONLY if you setup your event incorrectly.

Below I am going to show you step-by-step EXACTLY how to setup your event so it will have long lasting impact on both your brand presence in your community as well as your bottom line.

Part 1: Freebie and Irresistible Offer

Before you select a location or invite partners, you need to create a irresistible offer and freebie to promote at your event.

To learn more about both of these in more detail check out my 5 Steps to 10X Your Revenue in 90 Days training.

For now, a “freebie” is some form of information that you give away for free in exchange for a name, email, phone number and possibly address.

Your freebie should solve (or relieve) ONE problem with ONE solution. Usually a freebie is a short three to five page .pdf or 60 second video. Think “Three Simple Steps to Relieve Foot Pain” or “Secret Technique to Remove Hair from a Drain” type documents. Simple, to the point.

You are building trust by providing value with your freebie.

Your irresistible offer is a extremely discounted product or service that you offer for a ridiculous one time price. Your irresistible offer can also be a discounted monthly recurring of some sort However I HIGHLY advise you to go a one time purchase offer (so you can maximize ROI from your recurring offers later in your funnel).

You should have a unique freebie(s) and Irresistible Offer(s) created JUST for your offline event.

Ideally, EVERYONE who attends the event should want your freebie and at least 50% should want your Irresistible Offer.

If you don’t think everyone who attends will want your freebie then its not “general” enough.

If you don’t think at least 50% of the people attending will want your Irresistible offer, its either not valuable enough or the cost is not low enough to overload the risk/reward calculation of people attending.

If you are having trouble coming up with a freebie and/or irresistible offer, think about what product and/or service you want to promote for your business.

Write out all of the problems your product/service solves, then pick one problem from the list and write out a quick guide on how to fix or relieve that problem.

NOTE: Your freebie does NOT have to “solve” that problem, just relieve it.

For your irresistible offer, write out all the benefits your product or service provides. Pick one benefit from the list and offer access to that benefit for a steeply discounted price.

You should now have a have a attention grabbing freebie and a “crazy if you don’t” irresistible offer.

You are now ready for….

Part 2: Invite Other Local Businesses

The single biggest mistake companies make when throwing local events is inviting non-competing businesses from the surrounding area.

You do this for two reasons.

Reason 1 is that the more local businesses you have there, the higher the value is to anyone attending.

Reason 2 is non-competing businesses are a extremely valuable referral source and you are building goodwill that will reap rewards far into the future.

To do this simply call, email or mail any non-competing local business and tell them you are throwing a local event for the community at your place of business, in your parking lot, at a local park or high school, etc.

The only requirements for attending is they must have a freebie and irresistible offer unique to the event, a one time payment of $25 to go towards advertising to promote the event and a food dish of some sort to offer to the public aka anyone attending.

All you need is three to five other businesses to attend and this will be a extremely valuable event for the public to attend.

More importantly, it will also provide great exposure for any businesses that attend.

Part 3: Tickets for Your Event

What? I need tickets? Say it ain’t so!

Yes, you need tickets BUT its a extremely easy (and free!) process.

You need to tickets both create a sense of scarcity for your event and collect people’s information in advance.

When you promote your event (which we will talk about shortly) you need to be able to say you are “limiting access to your VIP community get together” or something to that effect.

Anyone who wants to attend will be forced to grab a free ticket to save their spot.

To handle the ticket process I advise using EventBrite.

Although they are a paid service, they are 100% free if you are not charging for your tickets.

You can sign up for a free EventBrite account by CLICKING HERE.

Part 4: Create a Event Funnel

After people signup for a free ticket using EventBrite (see above), you need to make sure to capitalize on the time you have between when they sign up and the actual event.

I call this a Branding Funnel and talk more in depth about in a separate training (which you can access here) but to sum it up we want to build trust, value and excitement for the upcoming event.

We will do this primarily via email (as its the easiest option for most) but can also be done via text (SMS) and physical mail (great for “goodie” packets to get people excited for the event).

To create your Event Funnel, you will want to compile content from all businesses attending as well as any reviews (including video). The content should be along the lines of the freebie (aka valuable) but can simply be more information about the products, services and history of the businesses attending.

You also want to include information about the free stuff they will get at the event (food samples, free access to information only available at the event, huge discounts on local products and services, etc).

You can simply plug these emails into a autoresponder and have them send automatically to anyone who signs up for a ticket.

I highly suggest using my favorite auto responder ActiveCampaign (which you can signup for a free trial of here) and connecting it to EventBrite using a free service called Zapier (you can learn how to connect the two of them by clicking here).

Part 5: Promoting Your Event

Promoting your event is actually one of the easiest parts of the entire process.

You will need to invest some money into this but you are also getting contributions from other attending businesses.

To get started, I would advise setting up a simple $5 per day general promotion campaign using Facebook Ads.

Set the target area as 10 miles around the event address and target anyone 25 and up.

I go over how to write ad copy and setup Facebook ads in other trainings but even just a simple ad can greatly increase your attendance.

You also want to make sure that each business promotes to their current customer/client/patients.

Have them send emails, call and/or send physical mailers promoting the event and asking people to get tickets ASAP.

This way everyone can share access to their communities.

This is a extremely valuable tactic and if you have enough businesses coming advertising might not even be needed.

Part 6: The Day of the Event

Your primary goal for the day of the event is to get everyone to request access to your freebie and be put in front of your irresistible offer.

Your secondary goals should be to make sure everyone shares and talks about the event on social media using images and hash tags you tell them to use.

Why will they do this?

Because you will be doing a raffle of a prize by randomly selecting someone who shared about the event on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Part 7: After the Event

After the event is where the real fun begins.

You should now have a massive list of everyone who requested a ticket and signed up for your freebie and/or irresistible offer.

You now need to continue to promote your products and services to this list via email, text, phone calls and/or physical mailers.

This is where you will explode your revenue.

The goal of the event is to capture contact information.

The goal after the event is to use this contact information to turn this list into loyal customers of your business.

HACK ALERT: You can also make additional revenue by “renting” this list to the other businesses who attended.

You should have several hundred to several thousand local targeted individuals who are ripe for other marketing messages.

You can charge other local non-competing businesses a small fee to mail to the list.

Just using this hack alone you will EASILY recoup any hard costs from the event.

The End / Recap

The entire goal of a event is to build a targeted list of local individuals and create trust in the local community.

If you follow the steps above, you will easily increase your ROI with what is actually very little work.

I help setup this exact process for my clients events and its so successful that most of them do a event just like this monthly if not every other week!

If you want my team to help YOU setup a local event to explode your revenue, see if you qualify to partner with me by CLICKING HERE.

I can’t wait to see the impact your business has on our communities!

– Gabe

Gabriel Bryan
New Revenue Consultant