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What if you could beautifully place advertisements for your companies products and/or services inconspicuously in your prospects’ inbox without them even noticing its a dreaded “ad”? 

What if you could do this all while getting increased conversions…for less money… and infinitely more efficiently than other forms of paid advertising?

My name is Gabriel Bryan and today I am going to teach you STEP-by-STEP how to create and optimize a GMail ad campaign for your business.

This method I’m about to teach you can be done with leads you have never talked to. You don’t have to warm up anyone or have any type of relationship before starting these ads.

Most importantly, these ads can be setup in less then 5 minutes and even though they use GMail, do not require ANY actual emailing of any sort.

Prospects will be eager to see your ads. They will NOW feel like they are being “pitched”.  They will only see your ad if they purposely look for it!

It’s a true win-win for everyone.

Section 1: How It Works

Did you know that there are more than 1 Billion active Gmail users?

Right now you probably have a Gmail account for yourself or even clicked to this article FROM your GMail. So its not a far stretch of the imagination to say that a good portion of your future customers/clients/patients use GMail too!

As mentioned above, part of the power of GMail ads is that your leads will seek out your message themselves.

How will they do that? Using GMail tabs!

In your Gmail dashboard you will notice several tabs including Primary, Social, and Promotions.

Now I know at this point some of you reading this article may be getting discouraged because you ignore these tabs.

The issue is you and I are business owners (or at least you want to be one).  We are jaded when it comes to any kind of promotion because we are hit with them all day!

However, studies show that we are in the minority when it comes to email promos.

Take a look at this.

According to World First on, Gmail Ads saw a 181% higher conversion compared to others!

On the popular blog “MetricTheory”, Zach Mason claimed to be able to get higher conversion after certain tweaks with Gmail ads.
Some marketers even claim to get a 300% ROI with Gmail Ads!

In my personal opinion, I think Google hit a homerun with this ad strategy because of how it’s received by prospects and ultimately how it converts.

The power is in the fact that these ads will display only under the social or promotions tab of your gmail inbox.

When prospects see your ad, it’s because they clicked on the tab! With the proper targeting that I’ll show you shortly, the outcome will be awesome for both parties because…

…..your ads only show in front of hungry prospects who desperately NEED your product or service. This means the need to click in the promotions tab will not be a deterrent, but rather a step that will ensure only quality traffic to your offers!

Here’s what it looks like again.

Do you notice how seamlessly these ads fit into the inbox?

It’s almost like they are regular emails!

I am not going to go into the psychology of visual ads, but there’s a reason Google has some of the highest paid graphic designers in the industry!  You can guarantee no expense has been spared on making sure these ads convert and convert well!

Once you click on an ad, this is what you’ll see…..

If you are familiar with how landing pages are designed (you should be!), you will see these GMail ads follow a similar format.

Your ad will feature a Title, a Graphic, a Call-to-Action or CTA, and additional copy to help increase your conversions.

Why is this so effective?

Think about the regular lead capture form that you are accustomed to seeing.

Typically you go to the landing page and instantly get hit with a pitch and/or a form to fill out.

No warming up, no “easing in” for the kill… just BAM!

This GMail Ad 2 step opt-in approach has proven to convert much better than traditional lead capture forms.

Using GMail, Google provides the first step of the landing page in which your prospect can just “click” to take action.

Since our minds work in a forward progression manner, your prospects are more inclined to take action on the next page since they already “started” to take affirmative action within your Gmail Ad.

Section 2: Getting Set Up With Google Ads

In the below training, you’ll quickly find how easy it is to set up and run Gmail Ad campaigns.

Google has spent a lot time making editing ads and adjusting the budget easy (with just a couple of clicks).

Before we get to that, let’s cover what you need to have set up before you can begin.

First you will need a Google Ads account. In order to setup a Google Ads account, you will need a GMail account.

First follow this link to set up a gmail account if you don’t already have one.

Once you have a gmail account go to this link and click on “get started” to set up your Google Ads account.

Just follow the steps to set up your account. It should be pretty straight-forward, but if you need help there is live call assistance available directly from Google.

You will be prompted to set up your first campaign so just go through the steps to set this up.  Don’t worry about getting it exactly right as you can simply delete this initial campaign later.

Section 3: Landing Page Resources

First step is you need somewhere to direct leads once they click on your ad.

You need a landing page or squeeze page because if you are directing traffic to your homepage for your ads right now, I GUARANTEE you are losing at least $1,000 a month in revenue.

Landing pages are designed solely for turning cold leads into warm leads (aka buyers).

HACK ALERT: Creating Landing pages with Sunnylandingpages

Since I think everyone should have access to landing pages, I like to recommend a immediate option you can use for free. My current favorite is Sunnylanding pages. Sunnylanding pages is a free WordPress Plugin that you can install on any domain using a WordPress (which is also free).  You can get setup with unlimited landing pages for less then $20.

Sunnylandingpages also provide many additional templates with their plugin to help you get started quickly.

There are two parts to setting this up.

1) you should have a WordPress website JUST for your landing pages.

To use WordPress you need a hosting account. Basically hosting means a place for your site to “live” (where it’s “hosted”). You can then add the WordPress application to your “hosting”.

WordPress allows you to make websites without any knowledge of coding. It’s fast, simple and easy to use.

Here’s a video that shows how to setup hosting and your WordPress websites quickly:

Next it’s time to install the Sunnylandingpages plugin.

Here are some tutorials on how to install the Sunnylandingpages plugin:

Here’s is a quick video that shows how to set up a landing page using Sunnylandingpages plugin

Section 4: Creating Your Ad Campaign

Now that you have the skeleton website ready, it time to jump into creating your ad campaign. Here we will cover choosing the right ad settings and targeting methods to get the best results.

Go ahead and login to your Adwords account.

Once you are logged in, first we will go over how to select the Right Ad Type and Configuring Settings

Unlike search term ad that show up within a search performed on, Gmail ads display as a banner-like advertisement within the Gmail platform. These ad types are called “Display Ads”.

Let me show you how easy it is to get started.

Creating Your gmail campaign: Step 1

Within the Google Ads account click on the “campaigns” tab. Then click on the blue “+” and “New Campaign” to begin.

Creating Your gmail campaign: Step 2

On the next screen choose “display”. Then choose a goal of getting “leads” or “web traffic”. Choose “Gmail Ads” as your campaign subtype.

Creating Your gmail campaign: Step 3

Now just input your website landing page and click “continue”.

You are now on your way! How easy was that?

Next I will show you how easy it is to set your budget. In addition, I will help you formulate a targeting strategy to get the most bang for your buck.

Moving on with your campaign settings….

Creating Your gmail campaign: Step 4

On the following screen go ahead and name your campaign. Then Choose your location. But don’t stop there because we want to narrow down your local area. Click on “advanced search”.

Creating Your gmail campaign: Step 5

One you’ve clicked on “advanced search” you will see a location field. Select the “radius” radio button and then input the city you are targeting, but go one step further. Chose a mile radius around that city. For this example I chose 15 miles around Morrisville NC.

Creating Your gmail campaign: Step 6

Now scroll down a little until you see “location options”. Under this sections choose “People in your target location” for your target. Then exclude “People in (or show interest in) your excluded locations.

Creating Your gmail campaign: Step 7

Now within the “bidding” section select “clicks” and “manually set bids”. Then under “budget” input $5/day and keep delivery at “standard”.

Do not choose “Accelerated” because Google will choose how your ads show and typically this results in higher ad spend quicker. You do not want this because you will be tweaking your setting later to get even better results.

NEXT we jump in Audience Selection…..

Creating Your gmail campaign: Step 8

This is where things get good. With traditional Google advertising, Keywords are a must in order to get quality results.

In other words, you need a good collection of search terms that you think your ideal customer/patient/client will type into Google in order to find what they are looking for.

With Gmail ads this is not necessary in order to get the results you want. This means if you don’t want to spend time researching the right keywords, you can simply skip this step (I obviously advise you don’t though).

If you do NOT use keywords, you can choose pre-made audiences that Google has compiled based on extensive data that they analyze within their platform. This data includes the search habits of your prospects’ niche.

By doing this, Google knows your prospects interests and immediate needs. They can actually tell if someone needs a certain service right away!

And guess what? All you have to do is check off a box to target these groups!

Depending on the service you are promoting, you will have two other options in the “Audiences” section.

“Affinity” audiences are geared toward an “interests” targeting angle. This is a more broad target which is great if you are marketing to a larger audience which yields great results for Gmail Ads.

The “In-Market” audience is a more specific option targeting buyers who are closer to making a move to procure services or buy a product. For consulting services I would recommend both audiences.

Go ahead and choose your affinity audience aka “What their interests…”.

Within this category you will notice subcategories. Choose your applicable niche by using the drop arrows to target specific service interests. For almost any niche you should be able to find the right targeting “angle”.

You can choose multiple categories to broaden your target audience.

Creating Your gmail campaign: Step 9

Next go ahead and choose your in-market audience “What they are actively researching…”.

Within this category you will also notice subcategories. Choose your applicable niche by using the drop arrows to target specific service interests.

Again, for almost any niche you should be able to find the right targeting “angle”.

Creating Your gmail campaign: Step 10

The demographics section is very subjective. Different niches need different demographic choices obviously. For example the best choice for digital services would tend to be 25-44 years of age. Cemetery plots may be more geared toward the later in year ranges.

Choose a best fit or test a wide range with intentions to adjust later on. With accurately targeted age ranges you will see CPC costs lower over time.

Creating Your gmail campaign: Step 11

Almost there! Now just choose “No automated targeting” and set your CPC (cost per click) max at 50 cents. We will target this amount down with easy tweaks later on.

Creating Your gmail campaign: Step 12

This is where we will create a two part advertisement that converts 50% to 100% better than your standard cold paid advertising.

I’ll cover how to create a killer headline, how to choose the right display type, and what copy to use once they’ve clicked on your email.

Effective ads yield reasonable CPC (or cost per click), a good CTR (or click through rate), and… of course… NEW LEADS!

Throughout this training I will show you how to optimize all of these.

Know that the results are subjective to many factors of course.

For example, your competition may have a lower CPC, but you may have a higher conversion rate. This means your overall lead cost is lower based on your conversions.

Example 1: Your Competitor has 89 cent CPC @ 3 leads/wk with 211 clicks ($188)

You have $1.21 CPC @ 12 leads/wk with 180 clicks($217)

This means your Competitor cost per lead is an astounding $62 ($188/3)

Your cost per lead is just $18 ($217/12)

Based on this, who came out on top?  You did!

Whats even crazier is that with Gmail Ads you are going to most likely see a CPC of 20-25 cents….WITHOUT any tweaking!!

This is huge because it means your advertising investment will go even further!

What most marketing companies don’t consider is the end product, new Leads. They do their best to get the cost per click down while totally forgetting about conversions.

They often point the buyers who click on the ad to the homepage of the their clients site. Little do they know that the cost per lead is SKY HIGH, while the cost per click may be reasonable. This does nothing but hurt their client.

I tell you all this because I want you to grasp how truly effective a Gmail Ad can be.

Next let’s go over how to write an effective ad headline.

You’ve seen the billboards, the facebook ads, and car sign-riders with wannabe “celebrity” status photo yelling “look at ME” ME ME ME…..

This “me me me” advertising style often continues into other advertising streams like Google Ads and Gmail Ads. Unfortunately, this approach doesn’t work for either platform.

What DOES work is instead of making the ad headlines all about “me”, instead make it more about what clicking on the ad can do for the prospect.

Here’s what I mean:

If you are a Lawyer…..instead of “I’d love to represent you for traffic tickets”….

….Use “Find out how to ERASE your ticket WITHOUT going to court!”

If someone has been to court, you can bet they know what a terrible process it is… and their fingers with “itch” to click on this ad.

Here’s another example.

If you are a Business Broker: Instead of “let me be your broker agent” use….

…..“Using the wrong business broker can cost you THOUSANDS!”

Yes, the fear of loss is a powerful thing here..

One more…

If you are a Roofer: Instead of “Get a free quote for roof repair” Use……

…..“Did you know Your Insurance Co can REPLACE your ROOF totally on them?…
and your rates WON’T increase?”

See how this is much more specific. Although this won’t fit in your title you can still use in in the description.

Here’s another one just for the hell of it…

“37% of businesses don’t know that their website is costing them thousands every month”.

Lead with the problem and your prospect will respect you for it.

Your ad needs to be different, specific, stick out, and pose a benefit to the intended target.

Just remember the ad has to convey an effective message in very few words. And these words need to touch “pressure points” that make your prospects take action.

Here are some examples:

“Envy” – Your neighbors will envy you.

“Unfair” – Have an unfair advantage…

“Stand out” – Stand out from the crowd…

“Unique” – This Unique approach will drive sales…

“Respect” – Command respect from your clients by…

“Life Changing” – Our life changing methods have helped home buyers…


Now that you understand the concept let’s jump right in to creating a Killer ad!

Click on “new ad” under the “Create new ad” section. Then choose “gmail ad”.

Creating Your gmail campaign: Step 13

Now go ahead and fill in the fields for your ad as follows.

Use the suggestions we’ve outlined in this section to get the best chance at high conversions.

Creating Your gmail campaign: Step 14

Now choose your image for when the prospects clicks on your ad.

Once your image(s) are uploaded you can also choose additional catalog style images and a logo. Then mark your image as the “marketing image”. This will be the main image that displays when your ad is clicked.

Creating Your gmail campaign: Step 15

Now just click “Create Campaign” and you’re set to go!

Note: When you launch your first campaign, consider making 3 separate ads with variations of the headline and display copy. See what approach works best for your chosen niche. Also, make sure to tweak your audience selections.

Within the affinity and in-market audiences you should be able to choose from several subcategories that fit your target audience. Try one over another. Also try combinations of audience categories within a single campaign.

The reason I do not push any specific category for specific niches is because markets differ. Demographics differ. Buyer habits in these markets also differ.

It shouldn’t take much tweaking to find your “sweet spot” but always split test, split test, and split test again!

The End!

 With the power of GMail ads you can design your business the way you want to… and you are the one in the driver’s seat. Nothing’s stopping you.

Being in control of your destiny is one of the driving principles behind my motivation to help businesses grow and make a impact on their community.

I hope you’ve found this training guide helpful. And it’s just that… a guide. Use it, but know that this can be adjusted. As you get more experience, you’ll find that the ideas for utilizing this method are endless. The uses are not just limited to lead gen. Use it for brand recognition, top of mind marketing and more.

This method will work for almost all businesses in industries like retail, restaurants, insurance, dentists, contractors, doctors and so many more.

You are now equipped to get started.

Just follow the steps and be determined to finish what you start.

If you want to 10X this method, you can partner with me and my team to do all of this for you.  Simply go to and click on the “Apply to Partner with Gabriel Bryan” button to get started.

I can’t wait to help you start growing your business!

– Gabe


Gabriel Bryan
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