Why Should I Curate Content?

In today’s training I am going to show you how to save HOURS and even DAYS of your time while still giving your customers/patients/clients amazing content that they will love you for.


By using a creative method called “content curation”.

Let’s jump into it!


I’m sure you hear every day that you need to create content for your audience.

Social media, blog posts, press releases, emails, books, trainings, the list is endless.

Now my audience is primarily entrepreneurs and/or business owners. If you fall into that category, you are most likely extremely busy. The thought of sitting down and pounding out a few pages of successful content or even just writing a simple twitter post can feel like a daunting task.

Even worse, you may feel like you don’t have the knowledge or credentials to author such content. Or that you can help people in person one-on-on but are not sure if you can do that versus other mediums.

Content Curation to the rescue!

If you are unfamiliar with content curation, it’s the process of gathering, organizing, writing and publishing relevant content around a specific topic.

The value you bring to your customers/patients/clients is that even though you are not writing the content yourself, you are using your years of experience in your industry to collect into one place many pieces of valuable information that would take the less knowledgeable hours to even days to find on their own.

On top of collecting this valuable content into one place, you should also take a few minutes to write a response to each piece of content in the form of a few sentences or paragraphs OR even video.

Just collecting and commenting on other experts content is extremely valuable to your target market.

In fact, one of my favorite methods of recurring revenue is paid newsletters.

My clients charge anywhere from $5 to $19.99 a month per person for what is effectively just curated valuable content with a short response from them.

It takes on average less than 1 hour per newsletter and I advise my clients to send out one to two per month.

I go over the paid newsletter method more in my 5 Steps to 10X your ROI in 90 Days or Less training which you can access by CLICKING HERE.

Let’s get back into this training, specifically….

Part 1: How Do I Curate Content?

First, we need to understand the limits of the types of content we can curate.

Those limits are…well there really are no limits. If its valuable and will help your target market, use it.

Just a few types of content curation types are:

  • Images
  • Lists
  • Text Content
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Interviews
  • Trending Latest News
  • “Regular” News (using local social media posts, articles, etc)
  • Case Studies

HACK ALERT: Another GREAT way to generate content is simply to ASK your current customers/clients/patients questions. Simply take the top 5 most interesting responses, do some research and find other experts responding to those questions, create a post on your website with your short responses backed up by these other experts and #boom, you have some extremely valuable proven content.

Another way to do this is to create your own Forum. There are many different free forums out there or cheap alternatives you can add to your site. Then invite your customers/clients/patients to use the forum to ask questions. This will start engagement, provide value and most importantly create on demand interesting content for your business.

You can also create contests and ask your customers/clients/patients to post their OWN content to social media and use a specific hashtag (such as your business name). Simply randomly select one person who uploaded (and followed all instructions) and give them a prize (such as a $25 starbucks gift card, etc). This gets GREAT exposure for your business, generates content and gives back to your valuable customers. At the end of the contest, you can take the top 5 most interesting submissions and create a post on your website about them, a video response, etc. A good contest should give you multiple new pieces of “content” to use.

My last favorite method is to simply repurpose your OWN content you’ve created in the past. Some examples of this could be turning old written text into a text slideshow video, interesting images into a video slideshow, video content into an informative image slideshow or infographic, etc.

Creating content is easy once you get the hang of content curation. 99% of businesses fail because they get so hung up on WHAT to create that they never take the first step.

Your piece of curated content should take you no more than 60 minutes to create.

Pick ONE problem that the majority of your target market is suffering right now. Research on social media, Google, etc to find some simple tips to provide RELIEF to that problem. Create one piece of content by copy/pasting the most important tips into one place and providing your commentary on each tip. Post this piece of content to your website and then link back to that content on your social media profiles.

NOTE: You probably KNOW the content you are curated from others already. However, putting your knowledge down on paper will take you much longer then the 60 minutes needed to curate this content. Also remember the saying “if you say it they don’t believe it. If THEY say it, they believe it.” Quoting someone else in your content lowers the “sales barrier” and opens your prospect up to trusting you enough to buy your product or service. The obvious caveat is don’t pick your competition next store to curate content from, use experts from far away who are not your direct competition.

Part 2: How to find content to curate?

Finding content is really as easy as “searching” for your problem as a keyword on Google and grabbing the top 3 to 5 pieces of content to curate from.

I understand however that some of you may work in “boring” industries and need help generating ideas.

With that in mind, here are some great places to find content to curate….

1) Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is far and away the best tool to use to find shareable, trending content if you are out of ideas. It’s not free and is not cheap, but it is worth every penny. Buzzsumo allows you to type in any keyword or domain, and then provides an ordered list of the top shared content around that topic. You then simply grab your favorites, curate the most valuable parts and #boom, your valuable content is ready.


2) Pocket

Pocket is not technically a “content generation” tool so much as a way to save interesting content. If you see a neat article on the web and go “hey I could use that for my next piece of content”, you can save the link quickly to pocket for later review.


3) Feedly

Feedly is similar to the old RSS readers of old. If you have a collection of sources you get expert content from, Feedly is the place to collect these sources into one place for later review.


4) Quara

Remember I said earlier how valuable questions from your target demographic could be to help you create valuable content? Quara is the next best option if your customers/clients/patients aren’t available for questions currently. Simply go to https://www.quora.com/, type in your niche or industry and then carefully read through all the questions that come up.

I have clients who actually GET new business from Quara by actually answering questions posted to the site. It’s that powerful.

5) Scoop.it

Scoop.it is simple in goal if not in operation. It collects millions of peices of content from around the web every day and puts it in one place so that someone like you can review it for your own content curation purposes. It’s basically a content curator for content curators.


These are just a FEW of the options out there to assist in content curation.

AGAIN, I caution you that the most effective method is simply..

1) Identify the most common problems your target market is suffering from
2) Research for content that provides relief for this problem
3) Put the 3 to 5 best tips into one place and provide some quick comments
4) Post the final product on your website
5) Link back to that specific page from your social media profiles

…..and that’s ALL YOU HAVE TO DO!

Seriously, just completing these 5 simple steps will put you ahead of 99% of your competition.

You will have increased authority in the eyes of your target market, you will save yourself hours of time and most importantly each piece of content you create will increase your revenue automatically for years to come without ANY additional effort on your part!


In case you didn’t know, increasing revenue through simple methods is my ONLY goal with my clients.

If it isn’t going to increase revenue, we don’t waste time on it.

This is just one method out of thousands that I use on a regular basis to help my clients 10X their revenue.

If you want my help increasing the revenue of YOUR company, go to INSERT LINK to see if you qualify to partner with me.

Again, my name is Gabriel Bryan and I can’t wait to see the impact your business has on the world.

– Gabe

Gabriel Bryan
New Revenue Specialist