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Would you like to have a 100% show up rate for your business?

Keep reading to learn how you can accomplish this in 7 easy steps…..

My name is Gabriel Bryan and I get the amazing opportunity to work with some spectacular people (and businesses) around the globe.

It’s a huge amount of fun and I learn things every day.

One of the things I’ve learned is even at the HIGHEST levels in sales, there is still anywhere from a 15% to 30% no show rate for first appointments, consultations, meetings, etc.  This happens in all industries, from chiropractors and dentists to yacht salesmen.

This “no show” usually happens with no announcement from the lead. They simply “ghost” and disappear forever.

Now if you have a properly trained sales team, you can recover a large percentage of these “lost” leads.

However, time is money and if someone goes to the trouble of scheduling an appointment or meeting with you and then DOESN’T show up, it’s going to cost you no matter if you get them back or not.

It also means something is seriously broken in your sales funnel. People who schedule with you should be EXCITED for the day of their appointment to arrive!

So why do people ghost?

From my 10+ years of experience, I’ve narrowed it down to one, frustratingly simple thing.

Companies think they can STOP marketing after their lead schedules the appointment.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

This “dead” time can be an EXTREMELY powerful if used properly. So powerful in fact, you can completely sell the lead before your actual meeting!

This turns what was previously your “sales” meeting into a quick face-to-face to collect the check. A good “show up” funnel will actually increase your conversion rate WHILE increasing show ups! You will not only get more people to show up, you will make more revenue too!

HACK ALERT: I’m going to show you how to automate this process to happen 100% automatically at the end of this free training.

So how DO you get a 100% show up rate?

Let me break it down for you….


When you schedule your first meeting, always ALWAYS get their complete information. Phone number, email and address. Find out if you can text them on that phone number.

HACK ALERT: While on the phone with them, find an excuse to get them to visit your website. The reason for this is you want to “capture” them with your remarketing pixel, which will allow you show them branding ads later on.

This is an extremely powerful step as it means they will automatically see ads for you and/or your business every time they go on the internet.

By being “front of mind” means they won’t forget about you (and remarketing ads cost you pennies compared to normal cold ads).

To get them to visit your website I usually advise using something like this: “Ok John I know you are busy so I don’t want to waste anymore of your time, let’s get you scheduled for an appointment. The fastest way to get you locked in is for you to go to our website, are you near a computer? Great, go to and click on “Schedule”. Do you see it? Great, just click on the schedule button and fill out your details. I’ll wait.” Not only does this “capture” them for later remarketing, it also saves you from having to take the details manually and possibly making an error.

If they are not near a computer, just have them put you on hold and use their phone browser.

Day 2) Send them a “introduction” packet

This CAN be a full physical mailer but I advise keeping this step simple (and personal). Send them a email (or text) as soon as possible after they schedule with a link to a 30 to 60 second video from you letting them know they made the right choice AND how excited you are for the opportunity to help them.

HACK ALERT: you should record this introduction video ONCE and then just resend the same video to each new lead automatically using your advanced CRM (instructions at the end of the training).

Don’t overthink this. If you don’t have someone to hold the camera for you, just stick your arm out selfie style and “get it done” with your personal cell phone.

I have run countless tests that show that “real” looking videos convert MUCH better than fancy studio quality promos.

Day 3) Send them a few reviews

Remember, the selling process is NOT over just because they are “scheduled”.

You need to keep building your reputation and brand. This is very easy to do.

Simply send them a email (or text) the day after they schedule with 3 to 5 extremely positive reviews. You can include the reviews as screenshots (taken from emails, your website, Yelp, etc) or you can just copy and paste the review text (with a link at the end of the email to view the originals).

Resist the urge to get “fancy” here, a basic text email is fine.

Day 4) Send them a short, “helpful” video

No “selling” on this step. We are going to give 100% pure value.

Pick ONE small problem that you lead is having and record a 60 second to 3 minute video providing ONE quick solution. One small problem, one solution. This can be a temporary solution.

Again, don’t get fancy here. Go “selfie style” if you don’t have someone to hold the camera for you

Day 5) Send more reviews

You can NEVER send enough reviews. The second time around I would suggest sending specific long form case studies over generic short reviews. Send a detailed email about how you helped a person with a similar problem to theirs live happier, healthier, etc.

Preferably the case study is written by the person in question but if you need to “sum it up” in your own words, go for it.

Day 6) Send Forms / Learn More About Them

Now that we have “warmed them up”, we want to get them to engage.

In this step, we want to send them any required forms they need to fill out in advance of your meeting. You also want include a survey with questions that will help you build a better lead profile.

Get their health history, past purchases, likes, dislikes, problems, issues, etc. Not everyone will fill out this survey but you will get some incredible details from the ones that do which will help you upsell in the future.

HACK ALERT: If you have an advanced CRM, you can record any engagement to this step (aka responses). You can then reach out personally to anyone who doesn’t respond and check in. This allows you to save time by only needing to call the leads who don’t engage.

Day 7) Send even more reviews

Seriously, you can never show the lead enough reviews. In fact, this would be a great time to include any video testimonials you have. Send a email (or text) with a link to a video testimonial about you.

HACK ALERT: If they filled out the survey in the previous step, find a product they are interested in and send them a video testimonial from someone who purchased that same product/service.

Day 8) Send another “personal” video

I usually like to send this video the day before their scheduled appointment. This way, you can record one video talking about how excited you are to meeting them “tomorrow” and use it for everyone who schedules with you.

This is an extremely powerful step and is best done with video. You CAN send them a email (or text) but a video can make a huge impact. Get them used to seeing your face (and/or brand).

HACK ALERT: In the email (or text) include a reminder of the exact time AND address of your scheduled appointment. If you have an advanced CRM, it will do this automatically.


The last step which was your most difficult step should now be the easiest!

Simply meet with the lead and get yo money!

Some additional notes:

Usually a new Lead schedules within 9 days which is why I have nine “touches” in the above process. If they schedule with a shorter lead time, just remove a few steps (you never want to contact them more then once a day). If they schedule out MORE than 9 days, just add a few “dead space” days into the funnel.

For example, if they schedule out only 5 days I would remove 2 of the 3 “review” steps. If they scheduled out 14 days I would add a day in between each “touch” (aka message them every other day).

If they schedule out even longer than 9 days, front and back load the touches.

Example: message them Day 1 and Day 2 and then switch to every other day. For the final 2 to 3 days before the scheduled appointment, switch back to messaging them every day.

You can do this process manually, have your staff or sales team do it for you OR you can use an automated process (such as a CRM).

Want to see a live example of this process?

Schedule a consultation session with me and see this funnel live! Just go to to lock in your desired time and see an example of the “100% showup” funnel in action.

Why scheduled a consultation with me? During our meeting, I will create a step by step process unique to your business that will show you exactly how to 10X your revenue in 90 Days or Less!

At the end of the call, you will get a hard copy of the action plan. You can then implement it yourself or you can apply to partner with me to implement it for you.

Either way, it’s 100% risk free to you!

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I hope you have an awesome rest of your day!

– Gabe

Gabriel Bryan
New Revenue Consultant