Today I am going to teach you my secret method to “hack” a $10 per month 4G LTE unlimited data plan with NO contract and NO extra fees.

1) You must live in the United States
2) You must have a cell phone that accepts the latest generation micro SIM cards (I would suggest android simply for price and you can find good used android phones for $50 on Craigslist and new on Amazon)
3) You must live/work/operate in an area that has good LTE coverage
4) You must have a open mind and be willing to test this for 30 days minimum
5) You must have $20, a mailbox and access to a computer/laptop

NOTE 1: This is a hack….

…and you will need to take a few extra steps compared to a normal (read: expensive) cell phone plan. This plan is not advertised and hidden deep in the ordering process.

In fact, I’m fairly confident that they are simply unaware this is still an option.

If you call in and try to order over the phone, the phone support will not know what you are talking about.

If you go to a store, they will not know what you are talking about.

You will also NOT be able to use the official app. You will NOT be able to use a online account through your computer. You will ONLY be able to pay using the phone and your credit card (aka no cash).

Most importantly, you can ONLY sign up online using a specific page (link below).

I know this because I spent multiple weeks going back and forth with support first trying to sign up and then to get my account setup.  Eventually I realized that nobody knew what the hell I was talking about so I just tested until I could do it all myself.

NOTE 2: you will NOT get a phone number with this plan…..

…BUT I will show you a way to port in your old number OR get a new number from a alternate provider (all explained below).

You do get a phone number assigned to your SIM card BUT you can’t message/call out on that number.  You only receive texts on it for account reminders to pay your bill.

I say all this to scare those of you who are lazy away from trying this.

If you do not NEED or WANT to save $75+ dollars per month (average savings) on your cell phone plan AND are too lazy to take the few extra steps necessary to make this happen, PLEASE don’t bother with this method.

If enough lazy people muck this up, eventually the executives and people who are paid enough to care will catch on and shut down this loophole for the rest of us.

NOTE 3:  You will need to believe……

…aka you will need to suspend your pre-conceived beliefs about cell phone companies, coverages, speed, and data itself.

Notice I have purposely not mentioned the NAME of the cell phone provider?  Just like I have not mentioned plan specifics, etc.

The reason I haven’t told you yet is because the company, plan specifics, etc don’t matter!

I personally carry a phone from every single major cell phone service provider in the United States in my backpack at all times (Yes I know I’m weird, my mother had me tested early).  The reason I do this is because a) I travel a lot and I like to have backups and b) I am always curious to see if the advertised info matches up to real life testing.

Results: they don’t

Or more specifically, they all fluctuate so much depending on location it doesn’t matter.

Even if you literally hang out in the same spot every single day, I still argue that it doesn’t matter because there is almost a 90% probability that location has WiFi.

BUT if you are on the move even the fastest carrier will hit you with 128kbps speeds occasionally and YOU WON’T EVEN KNOW IT!

I use 128kbps in this example specifically because this is the speed that cell phone carriers threaten you with if you “go over your data cap”.

Through testing, I have discovered that 128kbps is a fairly normal occurrence and is nothing to worry about.  There are various great studies out there on the internet that back up my claim if you feel like additional reading.

So long story short, don’t worry about what company the plan is with, what the speeds are, limits are, etc.  There is NO CONTRACT so all you have to do at this point is promise me you’ll invest and test it with a open mind for 30 days.

Finally….a disclaimer:  Before anyone calls me on it, I don’t use this plan because I NEED to financially.  I do very well.  I discovered this plan because I needed extra phones for myself, employees/contractors, etc and (because I’m weird) refused to believe the cheapest advertised price.

What I discovered has helped countless people free themselves from the clutches of cell companies and get on with living to their maximum potential with minimal expenses…with just a few simple tweaks.

So with all that being said, lets jump into HOW to actually get this done!

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Select “North America Simple Choice Mobile Internet UNL Data with 2GB 4G LTE” for $10.00 per month

Step 3: Click Continue

Step 4: you will be prompted to select “new customer” or “existing customer”.  Always select New Customer.

Step 5: Make sure the correct zip code for your area is set

Step 6: Select “bring your own device”

Step 7: Under “check by IMIE”, select “skip”

Step 8: Check that you understand

Step 9: Select “I need to buy a T-Mobile SIM card”

Step 10: Hit Continue

Step 11: Confirm everything is correct and click “Go To Cart” at the bottom of the page

Step 12: You should see a order process with $20 due today and $10 due next month. Click “Check out” to continue.

Step 13: Hit “Sign up”

Step 14: enter your information as needed to complete the rest of the order process (you will most likely have to click through a few more pages but as T-Mobile changes this all the time, it would be pointless for me to walk you through it).

congratulations! You have now completed the hard part of the process.

Now you simply need to wait until your sim card arrives.

While you are waiting, now is a good time to shop for a phone (assuming you don’t have one).

Now I normally just get Androids because they are cheap, easy to use and very customizable.

HOWEVER, for most non-nerdy people I always recommend older generation iPhones.  They are bullet-proof, idiot-proof and as long as you have a good case on them, drop-proof.

As of the writing of this walk-through, the iPhone 5s is the best deal.  You can get a refurbished 5s for $100 from places like Walmart and Amazon, or even cheaper if you venture into the dark underbelly that is Craigslist.

If you want a phone that works but is not that exciting, get a used 5s (or 6s if you can find a good deal).  If you HAVE to have a new phone and want android, get a Chinese knockoff android NEW from Amazon for $50 to $100.

I personally refuse to buy used android phones.  They almost always melt down or start oozing some weird substance within a few weeks.

BUT I have had a lot of fun buying super cheap new android phones from sketchy Chinese companies on Amazon.  This is not for everyone and I don’t suggest it if this is going to be your primary/only phone.

Now at this point your SIM card should have arrived and you should have purchased a phone.

This will take on average 7 to 10 days (but you save yourself at least $15 compared to buying in an affiliate store).

Now simply insert the SIM (it should come pre-activated) into your phone and boom, you should be live!

Before you venture out, we need to install a few apps for calling and texting (remember, you don’t have a phone number with this data only SIM card).

App 1) Burner

Most popular “second number” app on the market BUT makes for great “first numbers” too.  Price averages about $3.80 per month for a unlimited calling/unlimited texting phone number.  You can port a number into and out of Burner for free.

App 2) TextNow

My favorite “first number” app BUT it doesn’t allow me to purchase more than one number (which is why I use Burner in conjunction with TextNow).  Price for a full unlimited calling/texting number with TextNow is $29.99 for the entire year (or $2.50 per month). TextNow also has a great online and desktop app so you can text while on your computer.  You can port a number into or out of TextNow for free.

App 3) Facebook Messenger

I don’t technically have a “phone number” so I tell most people to message me either on Facebook Messenger or….

App 4) WhatsApp

One of the most popular messaging apps IN THE WORLD, WhatsApp is now owned by….*drum roll please*….FACEBOOK!  Facebook keeps this very quiet though because all the people who complain that Facebook is spying on them leave FB Messenger for WhatsApp.

App 5) Skype

One of the oldest and still fairly clunky messaging apps BUT still extremely popular in other countries. I always have Skype open in case somebody wants to get ahold of me (primarily professional use only).

There are other apps but these are the essential ones when you don’t have a phone number.

Next, lets cover some house cleaning aka how to manage/pay for your $10 data only SIM card.

First and foremost, as mentioned you can ONLY pay for your phone plan via the phone with a credit card.

The number to call is 1-877-720-5195.  The entire process is automated BUT for some odd reason is closed for part of the weekend apparently (so I suggest you always take care of this during the week).

You can prepay in advance (aka deposit $50 or whatever multiples of 10 you would like) and just not worry about it.  I do this (pay $120 for the entire year) and simply forget about it.

Now if you’ve made it this far you are awesome.  You are going to save yourself a lot of money.

Before you go I want to give my one final tip for making this plan work.

You need to be WiFi obsessed.  Almost every building, office, restaurant, shopping center, etc has free WiFi right now and you just aren’t using it.

You should always be monitoring for it and sign on ASAP.  There is no shame in WiFi hopping and by doing it leaves you tons of extra cap space for when you don’t have WiFi available.

I will eventually write a article on how exactly I keep my phone “clean of unnecessary memory hogging” as well as how I manage my data usage but for now just follow the steps above and invest all the money you save into something exciting.

You only live once my friend, never forget that.

To a minimal footprint and a maximum impact!

Gabriel Bryan